How to get a brain MRI scan for free

Find and volunteer for an MRI research study near you

Stephanie Sukhraj

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If you would like to participate in our online study, but don't already have a brain scan, you may find a research study near you to get a scan. Many studies are looking for healthy volunteers, and many are looking for people with a certain condition or disorder. If you qualify for their study, you may even be compensated or paid you for your time, commute and participation. 

Search below for your city or area. For each region, institutes with ongoing MRI research studies are listed, along with links and notes on how to sign up.  

The contents of this article will be updated on a regular basis. Please email us if you do not see your area listed. 

New York Tristate Area

Manhattan, New York

Columbia University

Notes: Search for “MRI” in the link. This will take you to a page with all the current studies involving MRIs. Select a study and sign up.

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Rutgers University

Notes: Click Participant Information and fill out the “Potential Research Participant Information” Form. They will contact you after this.

$20/hour compensation (takes 1-2 hours)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh

Notes: To find a study search for “MRI scan” in the query box and some study options will appear for you to chose from.

National Research Registry

Notes: Click “Join Now”. After completing some forms, you will be emailed with studies that may be a good match. Be sure to indicate you are interested in studies involved a brain MRI scan.

Notes: After clicking on the link, type "MRI brain" in the other terms category and select your country and city. Then, click search. You can limit your search by selecting "recruiting" with the filter on left. Once you select a study you would like to participate in, click "Contacts and locations" to reach out to the principal investigator about volunteer opportunities.

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